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Mrs. Tumbarello was instrumental in helping me through the college process and really eased my stress in my senior year.

Lauren Oberreiter --- Class of 2017

Lauren, USC

Why We're Great >

Ms. Tumbarello helped me figure out which colleges were the best fit for me and how to best write my essays. Her organization and help made my senior year stress-free, and I couldn't be more excited about attending Rice University!

Maddie, Rice University

Why I Chose Perfect Fit for U >

Ryan, Clemson University

Why Mrs. Tumbarello >

Mrs. Tumbarello has been an amazing college counselor. She kept me on track for my essays, she helped me find my perfect fit, and we had amazing one-on-one talks about scholarships and life itself. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Simone, UCLA
Why Perfect Fit for U was perfect for me

Perfect Fit for U was great for me because of the flexibility and individuality. Mrs. Tumbarello was great in easing my stress and helping me manage my time. I would not have been able to get through all of my applications without her! UCLA is my Perfect Fit!

Client College and University Acceptances

Baylor University                                      Biola University                                           Boston University

Clemson University                                  Creighton University                                  DePaul University

Elon University                                          Emory University                                        Fordham University                          George Washington University               Loyola University, Chicago                        Marquette University                      Norte Dame University                            Northeastern University                            Rice University                                  Saint Louis University                               Trinity College                                             Tufts University                                  Tulane University                                      University of California, Berkeley             University of California, Los Angeles  University of California, San Diego        University of California, Santa Barbara   University of Denver                              University of Michigan                             University of Minnesota                             University of Texas, Austin                  University of Southern California           University of Virginia                                  Washington University of St. Louis    Westmont College

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